Dear Customer,
If you are resident within the EU region and you happen to see an internationally manufactured product/item that the price catches your fancy then it may be wise to first familiarise yourself with how  the import duties within the EU works.
Below you will find a link that takes you to an automated Import Duty calculator as by using such a tool you can better gauge if purchasing the item may or may not end up being cheaper in overall cost than if purchased from a shop locally.
Often times, even after postage and import duties (which for the bulk of online shopping items falls in the range of 17.5% of the purchase cost)  you will find that many items may still work out cost effective if purchased internationally. However, there are cases where this may not be so. Thus, use the link to obtain the % to expect for any import duties and only after doing the maths adding to the total cost the postage if you feel it ends up still being cost effective then shop like you normally would.
That said many internationally manufactured goods are shipped from warehouses that are local to EU so those items follow standard postage and delivery rules without incurring import duties.  If in doubt do feel free to cross check the item with us prior to making any purchase.
In the meantime do enjoy your time shopping here on LUSQUAN.