Q: I am trying to track my order by using Tacker 1 on your orders menu. When I use the tracking tool I see my order status indicates the parcel has arrived at its destination but my delivery time has suddenly increased in days?

A: Often this is the case because the parcel is now with the local customs and exercise and until they provide a release date the system records a maximum time frame. Once the customs department have reviewed the package a proper delivery time will be assigned.

Q: I placed an order over a week ago how can I check the status of my order?

A: On the top menu one of the options is “Orders”. Simply click it and from the drop-down menu select Order Tracking. then in the page that  opens use “Tracker 1” simply paste your order number in the box and hit the big orange button that says “Track”. If no results are found then go back one step and select the “Tracker 2” Option as option one represents a set of post carriers and option 2 covers another set of postal carriers.

Q: I have just placed an order how should I track it as I do not see a tracking number to do so.

Q: I have just placed an order how should I track it as I do not see a tracking number to do so.


Q: I live in the Caribbean what shipping option should I use.

A: For safe package delivery we recommend any of the international postal companies that are in your country and on the shipping list.


Q: I have seen an item I like but I live in Africa and I do not have a credit card or PayPal account can I make payment by international postal order or bank transfer?

A: We do understand the “restrictions” and make provision for exceptions. Simply use our contact form to contact us directly and we can discuss the terms.


Q. How do you handle returns

Often times at purchase the manufacturer terms are stipulated so kindly do read them where needed. That said on genuine incidents the manufacturer provides one of two options, a return of payment or a replacement of faulty item.

How long do returns take

Normally the duration is specified in the product notes as much is dependent on a number of variables such as when the manufacturer receives the item being returned as well as the condition of the returned item. However often from receipt of the returned item you can generally expect the return payment to be issued in two working days.