Our Shipment Guidelines

Ideally we would be more than happy to provide a “Free” world-wide shipping option, however, due to a number of reasons such as delivery insecurity and poor/unreliable shipment systems and facilities in many parts of the world we have very little choice than to cost (mark-up) shipment appropriately.
For many parts of the world where the postal services are both safe and reliable shipment to such countries often comes with a “Free” option. For other countries where postal services fall short unfortunately only the “paid” option exists for now with very limited guarantees (if any depending on country to country). Hopefully, as a customer in one of the less fortunate locations you can understand our shipping concerns as we ‘share’ your joy when you receive an item you have purchased and we also share your pain when for no sensible reason someone within the postal system decides to misappropriate your ordered item simply out of corrupt practices. If, in future, we have good reason to believe the postal situation has improved in any specific country we shall adjust our shipping accordingly.
Our postal concerns centre around reliability, reach, relevance, resilience and delivery as we want to be here for you as we certainly believe you deserve to be a   free member of the worlds ‘buying public’ but we also have to take reality into due consideration. If you also care about the present state of things in your own society why not keep an eye out on our social blog spots as we shall over time explain to you the individual how you can help improve your local country’s postal system/services as we are all in this thing together so we think together to gradually tackle challenges.
More about us

Selling is just part of the story and maintaining good supplier and customer relationships is the second half. That is why, at Lusquan, we are dedicated to bring to you the best of the best in qualitative cost effective goods and customer service. We simply love goods and are passionate about bringing manufactured retail goods to everyone else that appreciates the retail process because without goods the world would certainly not be the same! .


Simply put: To provide a wide range of products/services for the buying public and to be distinctive while doing so.