Welcome to LUSQUAN

Welcome to the Path That Got Us Here!

Wow! Its been a bit of a journey but somehow we made it. In such times of rapid unexpected changes only if you have a steady head for complexity/systems and a lot of patience will one be able to hold their own.

We are only as good as our “Presuppositions” as those are the building blocks of every other thing we do or think about the world that we are all born into….Fuquan!.

We are not going to bore you with the details but suffice to say it was neither easy as there was a lot of senseless projected fears, insults, ignorance and and even idiotic  presuppositions,  endless judgements, as well as labeling on us . That said, nor will we say  it was  “hard” as we were mentally ready for any onslaughts so in essence we could conclude that it was just the way it was basically hard work, time consuming, determination, resistance to sabotage, resistance to presuppositions, resistance to an endless sea of vain judgements, steady thinking, teamwork, teaming, daring, venturing new terrains, uncertain certainty, trusting, openness, accountability, acquiring new skills, a lot of integrity,  patience, an eye for detail, awareness, transparency, research, persistence and a few smiles. We guess that pretty much sums it all up…as that is “HOW” we got here!

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